News related to COVID-19: regulations

Just now the rules have been announced to what you have to comply with if you want to reopen as a restaurant, cafe or, as in our case, hotel. Would you like to read along? That's possible: see the press release of the trade association Horeca Vlaanderen:

"Horeca Vlaanderen launches the website www.heropstarthoreca.be . On this site entrepreneurs will find the measures they need to take to prepare for a safe restart. "We are pleased that clarity is finally starting to emerge for our entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, the most important things are not there yet, such as the date or capacity. But with this practical guide and website, the entrepreneurs can already fully prepare themselves. To welcome the guests safely and with open arms again soon", says Matthias De Caluwe, CEO Horeca Vlaanderen.".

We are already studying all these regulations. It is clear that Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** will at least comply with these regulations. As always, we're even going to try to do better. Stay tuned, we're already looking into what to do for our guests. What implication this will have in terms of opening date is not at all known today. First some study work. After all, your health and that of our employees is number 1. 😉 Only at number 2 does the question arise as to whether all this is economically and legally feasible.

Coronavirus COVID-19
Coronavirus COVID-19

Good news regarding holiday vouchers

Are you also in possession of the "Vlaanderen Vakantieland" holiday vouchers ?
Yes, do you ? Well, then we have good news for you. 😉

Staying in Flanders - Holiday cheque
The Vlaanderen Vakantieland holiday vouchers are a popular gift and means of payment with us.

Due to the Corona crisis you can not immediately use your Holiday Cheque to come and stay in our hotel. That is why Logeren in Vlaanderen vzw has automatically prolonged the uncollected holiday vouchers, which expire between 12/03/2020 and 31/08/2020, by no less than one year. You don't have to do anything yourself. They have adapted this for you in their systems. If you have a holiday cheque that expires on 16/07/2020, it is now valid until 16/07/2021. If that's not nice news!

What about your Holiday Cheque that expires after 31 August 2020? Then you can already book a stay for a period after the expiration date of your Holiday Cheque for Staying in Flanders. With Vakantiecheque(s) that expire after e.g. 15 September 2020, you can book a stay during e.g. the Christmas holiday 2020. When you book, you inform us about your Holiday Cheque(s) that will expire soon. It is important that we receive the code(s) of the cheque(s) before the expiration date of the cheque so that we can collect the cheque before the expiration date. The amount of the Holiday cheque can then be considered as a kind of deposit.

You can read the complete message about the validity of the holiday vouchers on the website of Logeren in Vlaanderen vzw.

Map with Top Locations Flanders for Tourists

We have put together a first list and map of some 125 top locations in the Flemish and French Flanders region especially for our hotel guests. Through the map you immediately know what we as host and hostess recommend our hotel guests to visit, experience, photograph, etc. . We cover an area up to about 1 hour by car from our hotel (maximum 90 km in bird's-eye view from the hotel). The area runs from the Opal Coast (Le Touquet, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Calais) to the art cities of Bruges and Ghent. In the north the area is delimited by the North Sea and in the south it runs up to the Canadian war memorial of Vimy and the Walloon city of Tournai (with its cathedral that has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site). Exceptional reference is also made to beautiful attractions just outside this area.

For more information please refer to a special page "Top Locations Flanders for Tourists" on our website on this subject.

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