No corona infections in Heuvelland...

Good news for our hotel and restaurant guests: in Heuvelland the number of corona infections in the past week is still at 0. For the cyclist Alberto Contador: this is cero, cero, cero, cero, cero, cero ... . So we can only be happy with this. Sciensano's alert threshold is 20 contaminations per 100,000 inhabitants, so we're still miles away from here.

Actually, the completely western part of the map of West Flanders still colours very well. In the zone from the coast (De Panne, Koksijde, ...), Veurne, Poperinge, Ypres and Heuvelland everything is still completely OK. A strong(er) infection is only around Roeselare.

Would you like to look it up for your municipality as well? Then go and have a look at the website of the VRT. Clear and objective information, as we need it. 😉

Number of infections in the past week (27/7/2020) in Heuvelland
Number of infections in the past week (27/7/2020) in Heuvelland

Additional corona measures from 25/7/2020 onwards

This week, the National Security Council met again to issue a number of new protective measures relating to the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. Apparently, there are flares here and there throughout Belgium (as is the case almost everywhere in Europe).

Although to date no corona infection has been recorded in Heuvelland (practice!), we are also taking a number of extra measures. Just to be clear: these are in addition to the measures that are already in place with us. Read more about this on: https://montkemmel.com/covid-19-maatregelen/ .

Coronavirus COVID-19
Coronavirus COVID-19

From tomorrow, Saturday 25 July 2020, it is for everyone entering Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** mandatory to have a correct mouth mask for ALL movements. to wear. Once one sits down at the table, this mouth mask can be taken off immediately, if desired. This measure therefore applies to both hotel and restaurant guests.

The bar/brasserie is for external guests, i.e. for people who are not staying at the hotel or coming to eat at the restaurant, with immediate effect closed. Also the toilets his no longer freely accessible to third parties. The health of our hotel and restaurant guests and, of course, our employees take precedence.

Everyone, without exception, must strictly abide by these rules. Until today we have not had any guests who had problems with the rules imposed by us or the government. On the contrary, the vast majority of our guests have complimented us on the way we deal with the corona problem. And that's the way it has to be!

Successful restart Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****

Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** was successfully restarted on Friday evening, July 3rd. Immediately a good to very good occupation was noted: Saturday we were, as usual, fully booked and also on Friday we easily reached 60%.

Photo of 2 July 2020: everything nicely prepared for the new start!

Quite a few guests have known us for a long time as a "house of trust" (since 1954!) and may we consider us among the regular guests. A lot of new guests also find their way to Flanders' highest peak very easily. In the past few weeks a few hundred bookings have been made, which can certainly be called a success in these exceptional times. At the beginning of July we even recorded 10% more bookings for July than on the same day last year. We can only be happy about this.

At the moment we have about 10 to 15 additional nights a day. So it's going very fast. After all, there's a lot of demand for medium-sized hotels (especially in the quieter, greener regions of Flanders): they want to avoid the biggest hotels (more people so higher risk of infection) and still have a certain size of hotel to be able to experience a minimum of good service. Our hotel with 23 rooms meets these criteria. So: if you want to be there this summer, or in September and/or October, don't wait too long and book in time! This certainly applies to families or other groups.

An overview of all the COVID-19 measures we have taken can be found on our website. The guests we already welcomed adapted well to the given situation and showed a lot of understanding for the efforts made by our organization and employees. Thank you for that!

In the restaurant, lounge and terraces of Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** all tables and chairs are very spacious apart. We neatly follow all the rules, to the great satisfaction of our guests.

Always book directly with us: it is the fastest, the cheapest and guarantees you the best service: book directly with Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** . If there is no availability for certain dates, please check if another date might suit you or contact us ( info@montkemmel.be ): we will check with you if we can work out another solution. 😉

Don't forget to visit our new website "TopVlaanderen" to prepare your stay. There you will find about 150 beautiful and/or interesting locations that you can visit while staying with us. Definitely to see, if only to see the more than 120 360-180° panoramic pictures of our beautiful region!

Reservations for the restaurant can be made via our contact form (or on our opening days also by phone on +32 57 45 21 60).

All in all, a successful restart before Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** .

Direct booking at Hostellerie Mont Kemmel  ****

Action "Vlaanderen Fietsland

Vlaanderen Vakantieland is doing everything in its power this summer to boost tourism in its own country. In that context, the action with "Vlaanderen Fietsland", the platform for all those who want to cycle along the cycling junctions, fits in. Every year "Vlaanderen Fietsland" reaches more than 1,000,000 visitors. The route planner/app was installed on more than 100,000 devices. For many recreational cyclists "Vlaanderen Fietsland" is the starting point for their tour.

This summer "Vlaanderen Vakantieland" supports "Vlaanderen Fietsland" with the organisation of their "Summer Challenge". This is done together with partners Klara and Open Monuments. A summer competition that invites cyclists to combine their cycling tour with an overnight stay in an accommodation. We also participate in this: Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** was registered in the Fietsapp.

How does the Fietsland Summer Challenge work?

Anyone who downloads the cycling app can plan a route along 'hotspots' in Flanders. Hotspots are for example famous works of art, recognized heritage or a hotel like ours! Bike a route: At every hotspot you pass on the route, you will receive a notification and you can collect points. The more hotspots you visit, the more points you can collect. And the more chance you have of winning one of the many Flanders Holiday vouchers.

Our hotel weighs twice as much in the scoringAn overnight stay with us is good for extra bonus points. We will give you access to a cycling route in your neighbourhood and you will get extra points! 😉 Book your room Junior Suite with us now.

All information about the Summer Challenge is bundled on www.vlaanderen-fietsland.be/vlavak .

An example of such a cycle route can be found below. Do it!

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