Ypres Rally - 2021 editions

The new dates for the Ypres Rally (the former "24 Hours of Ypres", remember?) are known. Actually, this rally always consists of ... two rallies: one for current sports cars and one for old timers. Remarkable for 2021 is that these two rallies will be held during two totally different weekends: the historic rally will be held during the last weekend of June 2021 (which was actually the tradition), the rally for contemporary cars, in the meantime promoted to a round in the World Championship (FIA - WRC 2021), will be held during the weekend of 15 August 2021.

The last edition of the Ypres Rally was the one of 2019. As always, it will pass by the domain Mont Kemmel ****. The accessibility during this passage is limited for a few hours. Keep this in mind.

We ask our guests to take these dates into account. We normally host several teams and other rally enthusiasts during these weekends. Ask yourself the question if you want to come to Heuvelland and Ypres during that weekend or not. A lot depends if you are a rally-fan or not. The choice is yours. We are there to give you a warm welcome!

The Ypres Historic Rally is also worth seeing. The 28th Bernard Degroote Ypres Historic Rally will be held on Sunday 27 June 2021. Read more on https://www.autosportwereld.be/2021/01/24/bernard-degroote-ypres-historic-rally-2021-op-27-juni/ .

More information about the rally itself can be found on the website of the organizers Club Superstage: https://www.ypresrally.com/nl/. For the historical rally you can also go here: https://www.ypreshistoricrally.be/ .

And now we keep our fingers crossed that Corona doesn't throw a spanner in the works in 2021...

The iconic lanterns: back from the drawing board!

Good news: the 12 iconic lanterns of hotel/restaurant Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** are back, and how! ;-).

They were completely stripped, the old glass removed, sandblasted and provided with 2 new layers of water-repellent coating and textured glass (chinchilla glass). Electrical facilities were completely renewed. Of course fully (in intensity and colour) controllable Philips Hue lamps were installed again. It is a typical example of the respectful restoration and renovation that Philippe & Kristine carry out throughout the hotel/restaurant and the domain of "Mont Kemmel": always with respect for the authentic and introduction of the latest technologies where possible, necessary or appropriate. Meaningful innovation where it is possible.

These lanterns, along with over 120 other Philips Hue light points on the estate and in the building, will play a crucial role in rolling out new themed arrangements.

Here is a first example: every year the wood hyacinths bloom on the flanks of the Kemmelberg. Also in our woodland garden they appear frequently. When the time comes again, say April to mid May, (if we can open the exhibition of course, otherwise it will be something for 2022) this theme of the wild wood hyacinth will be played out. In the lobby there is already a giant picture of 25 m² of the beautiful flower carpet on the Kemmelberg, and also through the controlled lighting this purple / green color combination will be fully played in that period of spring. An adapted menu with purple-blue colour accents will also be offered. And so on.

In the course of the year, several such themes will be elaborated and activities organized around them. Stay tuned!

All 12 lanterns were completely renovated and equipped with modern Philips Hue lighting.

Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** achieves again "The Green Key".

Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****, a hotel with 23 rooms and a gastronomic restaurant, has been awarded the international eco-label "The Green Key" for the 7th year in a row. It rewards those establishments that meet a whole series of conditions in order to protect the environment and nature.

There are numerous, literally dozens of rules that must be met before one can obtain this certificate. There is an annual report and a three-yearly on-site investigation by an independent expert. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) should also be high on the agenda, which is also the case at Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****.

For hotel and/or restaurant users, this "Green Key" recognition for 2021 means, for example, that they can pay their bill by ecocheque. Belgian EdenRED, Sodexo and Monizze.

More information about "De Groene Sleutel" can be found on the website of Tourism Flanders or Goodplanet vzw.

Attestation "The Green Key" 2021 from Hostellerie Mont Kemmel  ****.

We wish you a happy new year 2021!

We wish all our guests, employees, suppliers and other stake holders all the best for 2021. More than ever we wish everyone good health! We hope and believe that 2021 will be better than 2020. Hopefully we can welcome you all again in our Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****. Just a little more patience and we are ready for you again!

Happy New Year 2021!

Welcome - Bienvenu

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