Picnics on and around "den berg"....

By "den berg" we mean of course the Kemmelberg, the highest mountain, er hill, in Flanders. A picnic party is a fun outdoor activity: together with family, friends, ... you choose a nice spot (preferably flat so that you can spread a sheet on it) and organize a nice meal. A panoramic view is clearly an asset.

Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** already organized several picnics. Did you know that this is already possible in the immediate vicinity of our hotel? Here are some impressions of such places.

Tip 1: You can find a list of picnic places in Heuvelland on the web site of the Tourist Office of Heuvelland.
Tip 2: Want to find a nice viewpoint in the Flemish region? Then check out our map on top.vlaanderen. Zoom in on this map and select the green viewpoints. Here you make real discoveries for a nice day destination.

Picnic at the foot of Mount Kemmel:

The closest picnic spot is this one at the foot of Mount Kemmel.
At sunrise you already have a particularly beautiful view there.

Picnic in the Provincial Domain "The Kemmelberg":

Picnic in Hill Country - outing by golf cart:

There are once again hop shoots at Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** ...

Good news for connoisseurs: as of Friday evening, February 10, 2023, the annual hop shoots are here again! This makes Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** one of the first restaurants to offer them to its guests.

The photo shows one of the dishes with hop shoots that we used to present in our restaurant. Starting Friday, there will again be the classic preparation with a soft-boiled egg, with or without caviar. 😉

According to some sources, his hop shoots the most expensive vegetables on this planet. This is because it involves a lot of manual labor. Very expensive, but - according to experts - oh-so-tasty. 😉

Top preparations start with top products. It's that simple.

Doves from Steenvoorde ...

Top preparations start with top products. It's that simple.

We also work with regional products as much as possible. One condition, however, is that the quality must be really top notch. For the pigeon preparations in our gastronomic restaurant, currently in our Valentine's menu for example, we work together with "Pigeonneau des Flandres", say Maison Dequidt from Steenvoorde in French Flanders ( Flandre Pigeonneau ).

These northern French pigeons are prepared in a special way for the chef and are juicier than what is normally available at the market.

The choice is then quickly made. "Foodies know why, then," he says. 😉

A breakfast buffet in a room to say "U" to....

Every day, Antoinette and hostess Kristine are ready to serve you and your party a sumptuous breakfast with quality products (including smoked salmon, cava, ...).

By the way, did you know that they do this annually for more than 5,000 guests? So they know their way around! Even with such monster numbers, everything always remains calm and convivial, which is what you expect from a breakfast. 😉

And that with a very beautiful and unique view of the Franco-Flemish plain. Our fireplace is also a plus. When the weather is nice, we also serve on the panoramic terrace! On a number of large frames, say Tv's, the breakfast guests also get to see the most beautiful pictures of Flanders ( forwarded via our website www.top.vlaanderen ).

Breakfast is served between 8h and 10h 30 in the totally renovated lounge of Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** .

Non-hotel guests also make regular reservations with us. Just book via our website. Larger groups can have a separate room if desired.

Need assistance or special requests (such as an earlier starting time for your group) ? Mail to info@montkemmel.be or call +32 57 45 21 60 (preferably between Wednesday and Saturday and between 11am and 4pm).

Tip 1: You can also donate our breakfast buffet to Your friends or family. Contact us for this.

Tip 2: Know that you can also pay your breakfast with ecocheques with us (since we have the international eco-label "The Green Key"). Nice touch, right?

Come discover our Valentine's menu

Starting February 3 and continuing through March 11, 2023, you can enjoy the Valentine menu tasting. Please follow this link. You can always book a table for our restaurant through our online table booking system.

We also have special packages: one or two nights including this Valentine's menu:
- package one night
- package two nights

Only booking room in our hotel is always possible through this link.

Follow the link to make the reservation in the hotel and or restaurant. If you need more information, please contact us. Use our contact form, send an email to info@montkemmel.be or call us at +32 57 45 21 60 (preferably between Wednesday and Saturday, between 11am and 4pm).


Hostellerie Mont Kemmel achieves Green Key once again

This year GoodPlanet Belgium and Tourism Flanders welcomed 24 new Green Key locations, the largest number of newcomers ever. Yesterday, the Green Key holders for 2023 were announced and the certificates were awarded at BluePoint Antwerp. By 2023, a total of 168 Flemish entrepreneurs will be proud holders of the Green Key label. Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** earned this International Environmental Award "Green Key" again for the ninth year in a row (the first time was in 2015).  

"As a panorama hotel and gourmet restaurant, we feel it is important to ask an independent party to check our green measures against current standards in a regular and objective manner. Not only blah-blah is needed for the environment, but also concrete and effective actions. We see the annual achievement of the international eco-label "The Green Key" as a crowning achievement of our efforts in this regard." said ing. Philippe Vercoutter, hotel manager of Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** .

One of the practical consequences of obtaining the Green Key is that all hotel and restaurant guests of Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** can always pay their bill with Belgian eco-vouchers (such as those from Sodexo and EdenRed, for example). Very few hospitality businesses can offer this unique payment facility to their clientele.

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