"Honey-Honey" Arrangement 2023

Our first theme of the year, "Purple Mountain," which was built around the unique wild woodland hyacinths of Kemmel Mountain is now definitely over. Several hundred people were able to enjoy this arrangement. Time now for our second theme of the year namely "Honey-Honey". The first "Honey" refers to "Beloved", the second refers to "Honey" (or vice versa of course).

There is a lot of talk about the so-called "short chain", well with this bee-honey arrangement we do play very close to the ball: after all, we incorporate our own Mont Kemmel honey in some of our dishes. The honey used comes from the June and September 2022 harvests, harvested from our own hives here on our property at the top of Mount Kemmel. So we can rightly talk about an "ultra short chain"! 😉

The "Honey-Honey" menu can be served in either 4, 5 or 6 courses and is available from today and through Sunday, July 2, 2023.

In our gastronomic package, not only is honey used, but other elements from bee culture as well: hexagonal shapes that refer to the honeycomb, ceramics in the shape of beehives, yellow/brown colour accents, and so on. The lighting in the public areas of the hotel and the car park also use bee-related shades. Unique!

This initiative is fully in line with our international eco-label "The Green Key". This means that you can pay your restaurant and hotel bill with your eco vouchers. A nice bonus, right?

Reservations can be made via info@montkemmel.be or 057 45 21 60 (from Wednesday to Saturday between 11h and 16h).

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