Pets - Dogs welcome ?

On this page we explain a bit more about our policy regarding the introduction of pets (including dogs) in Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****.

We're dog lovers ourselves. See our cavalier King Charles: Chloe. Cute, isn't it?

Our cavalier King Charles Chloe
Our cavalier King Charles Chloe

We have no problem to welcome well behaved dogs (owners ?) in our hotel. We prefer not to welcome other pets (birds, cats...). We thank you for your understanding.

We accept a maximum of one well-behaved dog of maximum 30-40 kilograms per room. There is a surcharge of 15 €/night.

To be clear: we have never weighed dogs with us and yes, it sometimes happens that two small dogs are with us. What we want to say is that we prefer not to see very big dogs (sometimes half ponies 😉 ) in our hotel from now on. In doubt? Please contact us in advance.

There are some facts and points of interest about dogs:

For example, we ask you to respect the basic rules of hygiene. For example, after a brisk walk with the dog, it is best not to enter the hotel again until the paws have been cleaned (there are special towels provided in the entrance porch for this purpose). Also try to keep the peace and quiet as much as possible.

Do not leave your dog unsupervised in the room! They can damage the interior and cause noise nuisance.

In the hotel and the domain the dog must always be on a leash.

In principle, dogs are not allowed in the areas where food is served (breakfast area, restaurant). On the terraces we have no problem to welcome dogs, as long as they do not disturb the other guests. If you would like to have breakfast, lunch or dinner in the company of your dog, we are happy to set a table for you in the bar (or on the terrace) or you can make use of our room service. So everyone is satisfied. 😉

We would also like to point out to our guests that our landscaped lawn not as an exhaust zone for the quadrupeds may be used. There is more than enough space in the forest (for example). On the domain you also immediately clean up the dog shit.

You can always ask for a bowl of water in the bar for your thirsty dog.

So you see: Your faithful four-legged friend is very welcome, provided you follow a number of rules.

Dogs are OK, other pets are not allowed (unless they are official companion animals - they are of course always allowed).

Last update: Feb. 15, 2023.

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