Tourism - Annual events

Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** has existed since 1954. We (and our beautiful region) keep a number of traditions in honour. For example, there are several annual events. We advise you to book in time for such an event, as the number of seats in the hotel and/or restaurant is usually limited. Arrangements can always be booked for these special days. To do so, go to our reservation module or contact us via our contact form.

We give you an overview of these annual highlights below.

An overview of all events taking place in Heuvelland can be found on the Heuvellland website.

Annual events in the spring...

Annual event: Valentine


Mont Kemmel, 14 February 2022

Annual event: cycling classics Ghent-Wevelgem

Ghent-Wevelgem cycling classic

Mont Kemmel, 27 March 2022

Info about our package.

Annual event: the Purple Mountain


Mont Kemmel, 15 April - 15 May 2022

Info about our package.

Annual event: Monteberg Rally

Monteberg Rally

8 May 2022

3 Annual event: International Gregorian Festival

International Gregorian Festival

3 years - Watou, 25-26 May 2022

5 Annual event: Cat procession


5 years - Ypres, 11 & 12 May 2024


Whit Monday, 6 June 2022

Annual events in the summer...

Annual event: Ypres Rally

Ypres Rally

19-21 August 2022

Annual event: Kunstenfestival


Watou, July-August 2022

Annual event: Festival of New Traditions

Festival of New Traditions

Dranouter, 5-6-7 August 2022

Annual event: Wine festivals

Wine festivals

Kemmel, 15 August 2022

Annual event: Rommelmarkt


Kemmel, 4 September 2022

Annual events in the fall...

Annual event: Armistice


Ypres, 11 November 2022

Annual event: Christmas atmosphere - Winter atmosphere

Christmas atmosphere - Winter atmosphere

Mont Kemmel, 25 December 2022

Annual event: New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve

Mont Kemmel, 31 December 2022

Extremely well catered evening with an adapted Christmas and winter atmosphere. Be sure to book in time!

Plenty of attractive annual events! Be there in time to make your room reservation.

Tip: always check the website of the organiser to make sure that a certain activity/event will take place and to get the most recent information about it!

Last update of this page: 10 March 2022