Corporate Social Responsibility

Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** sees Corporate Social Responsibility (abbreviated as "CSR") as an important part of sustainable growth. This means that HMK takes its responsibility in society by applying CSR in words, in creative proposals, in solutions and with responsible behaviour.

For HMK, the policy in Corporate Social Responsibility is based on 4 pillars:

A. Taking responsibility within society

HMK is committed to offering socially responsible and sustainable products and services to its guests. HMK helps guests to also achieve their CSR objectives during their presence in our company.

HMK does everything, inside Economically sound limits, to reduce the burden on the environment where possibly prevent and otherwise minimize.

B. Support Social projects

HMK shows its commitment to various smaller social causes by providing support in terms of money, resources or personnel.

C. Compliance with laws and regulations

HMK meets at least all applicable laws and regulations in general and in the area of care for environment and sustainability in particular.

D. Striving for continuous improvement

HMK strives to continuously improve its performance in the field of occupational safety, sustainability and environmental care.

The CSR policy is based on 3 starting points:


HMK complies with all applicable laws and regulations relating to labour and working conditions (working conditions).

HMK respects applicable collective labour agreement(s) or branch related collective labour agreement (working conditions).

HMK has a demonstrable operational policy regarding the training and development of its employees (working conditions).

HMK adheres to the general safety regulations that HMK also applies when performing its activities as a hotel and restaurant (HGM policy). HMK has a preventive safety policy with the aim of striving for zero accidents at work (HSE policy).

But also the guests are treated and received in a human friendly and dignified manner. Of course, their safety is also a priority during their stay at HMK.


HMK respects the environment, the surroundings and nature. For this reason HMK complies with all applicable national environmental laws and regulations (Environment & Nature).

HMK has a demonstrable operational policy with regard to reducing the quantity of waste and its separate processing.

HMK has a demonstrable operational policy with regard to energy and emission reduction.


HMK and its employees will not act in any way contrary to doing business fairly in all its aspects. HMK's goal is to build a good relationship with suppliers, guests and other relations. The relationship is based on trust, cooperation and sustainability.

Hostellerie Mont Kemmel  **** has the international eco-label "The Green Key".

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