Opening Domain "The Chalet"

Domain "The Chalet" used to be called "Domain Geelhand de Merxem". It was owned by noble family of the same name. At the end of last year, the West Flanders provincial government bought this along with other valuable pieces of forest, totaling some 30 hectares. Cost: 2.5 M€. The Province gives the chalet on a long lease to the municipality of Heuvelland, which in turn is looking for a partner who could then, for example, develop catering activities in it.

This new site of the Province of West Flanders is added to the Provincial Domain of Kemmelberg. It now covers a total of no less than 190 hectares.

Today you can go there from 1:30 p.m. to have a look. There is fringe animation.

More info and photos at top.vlaanderen: https://top.vlaanderen/park/domein-de-chalet-kemmel-belgie/ .

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