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The following are the "General Conditions of Sale" of hotel & restaurant Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****. They are valid for every transaction, please bear them in mind. They are binding on both the hotel restaurant and the guest.

Hostellerie Mont Kemmel  **** - Welcome!
Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** - Welcome!
  1. "Hostellerie Mont Kemmel " Hostellerie Mont Kemmel" are official signs of Top Experiences Belgium BV, also abbreviated as "TEB".
  2. The National Identification Number of TEB is BE 0849.843.526 .
  3. All payments must be made to KBC bank account number BE30 7380 3716 9311.
  4. All invoices are payable in cash at the address indicated below.
  5. We draw the guest's attention to the right of retention that TEB has as a hotelier under Belgian law (Article 1612 of the Belgian Civil Code°): TEB has a right of retention on the traveller's goods; TEB may prevent the guest/passenger from taking them outside the hotel as long as his claim has not been paid.
  6. The following are accepted as means of payment: cash up to a legal maximum of €3,000, Maestro, AMEX, MasterCard/VISA credit cards and Monizze, Sodexo and Edenred eco cheques & vouchers. Payments in RES are only accepted in accordance with the arrangements published on their official website www.res.be .
  7. In case of non-payment of an invoice, an interest of 1% will be charged for each started month. On an annual basis this amounts to 12%. There is also always a cost of 15 EUR per reminder.
  8. Only the courts of Ypres have jurisdiction.
  9. All correspondence concerning invoices, credit notes, business disputes, etc. should be addressed to Top Experiences Belgium BV, Kemmelbergweg 34, B-8950 Kemmel.
  10. Everyone who does business with TEB is supposed to have taken note of these conditions of sale and to accept them in their entirety. In principle, no derogation from these conditions of sale will ever be granted. The conditions of sale can be consulted at all times on the official website www.montkemmel.com.
  11. If a group is booked for a meal in the restaurant, an advance of 30% must always be paid. This must be paid within 7 days after receipt of the payment invitation. If this amount is not paid on time, the hotel management may decide to cancel the reservation. In such a case, no compensation is to be paid by TEB.
  12. Any booking for the hotel from 3 Rooms is considered a group booking. This is subject to special cancellation conditions. A group booking can be cancelled free of charge up to 3 months before check-in date. For less than three months, the cancellation costs are determined as follows:
    • <= 14 dagen: 100.00 % van het reservatiebedrag te betalen
    • Between 15 and 31 Day(s): 50.00 % of the reservation amount to be paid
    • Between 31 and 42 Day(s): 33.00 % of the reservation amount to be paid
    • Between 6 - 12 weeks: 20.00 EUR/room/night to be paid The reservation fee consists of the room price, the tourist tax, any meals and extras booked.
  13. For group bookings, a 30% deposit is always required. This must be paid within 7 days after receipt of the payment invitation. If this amount is not paid on time, the hotel management may decide to cancel the reservation. In such a case, no compensation is to be paid by TEB. 
  14. Any non-group reservation of room can be cancelled free of charge up to 15 days prior to the check-in date. After this date, the full amount for the reservation must be paid. This amount includes the room rate, the tourist tax, any meals and extras reserved.
  15. Cancellations and changes to a reservation must always be made in writing. Changes by telephone will never be accepted in order to avoid misunderstandings.
  16. It is up to the guest to have himself insured against the financial consequences of a possible cancellation. If the guest does not wish to bear the financial consequences of illness, death, etc., he/she must take out adequate additional cancellation insurance before departure. TEB is in no way responsible for the financial consequences of such incidents.
  17. In case of no-show an additional administrative fee of 50 €/room will be charged.
  18. In case of a no-show at the restaurant, a fee of 25 €/guest will be charged. This serves as a fixed compensation for the damage (loss of income, waste of food, unnecessary calling up of staff, etc.). This charge is payable in cash.
  19. If a guest tries to conceal his/her true identity in order to evade, delay, try to make impossible the payment of this compensation, etc., TEB is authorised to charge the guest for all additional costs incurred in order to trace this identity and/or to make the cost collectible (e.g. by calling in judicial authorities, lawyers, bailiffs, collection agencies, etc.).
  20. If TEB fails to honour a written reservation, it also pays a flat rate of 25€/guest (unless this is a case of manifest force majeure). So there is a fair reciprocity principle between consumer and supplier.
  21. Check-in is roompossible from 16h until 23h at the latest, unless explicitly agreed otherwise in writing. In case of early or late check-ins, additional costs may be charged (due to organisational implications). 
  22. Check-out of a room is possible from 7h until 11h at the latest, unless explicitly agreed otherwise in writing. In case of early or late check-outs, extra costs may be charged (due to organisational implications). 
  23. During the stay, the hotel (TEB) may decide to draw up an interim bill. On simple request, this interim bill must be paid immediately.
  24. The hotel/restaurant asks every restaurant and hotel guest, and its guests, if any, to treat their fellow guests, the management, the staff, the roomand all materials made available respectfully at all times. In the event of an offence, the hotel management may terminate the stay immediately. This is done by a verbal notification. In such a case, the guest must immediately pay for the entire stay. Such cases shall be treated as a late cancellation by the guest.
  25. Peace and quiet must be guaranteed at all times. Instructions given by the hotel/restaurant staff in this respect must be strictly followed. In order to guarantee the sleep of other hotel guests, the bar has strict opening hours. In principle, the bar closes around 11 pm on normal days and 24 pm on weekends (Friday and Saturday evenings).
  26. If a theft is detected, the police will be informed in any case. In addition to legal proceedings, an administrative cost of EUR 250 will be charged. This will be indicated immediately on the final invoice. The taking of provided literature (e.g. in the lobby, the rooms, etc.), soap and lotion bottles, towels in the public toilets and providing these for the dogs, etc. will be regarded as theft and treated as such.
  27. The guest and the contracting party shall be jointly and severally liable to the hotel owner for any damage caused to persons, the building, furniture or equipment of the hotel and public areas. The damage shall be compensated immediately (and shall be added directly to the hotel or restaurant bill). If you have broken or damaged something, report the damage to the reception and settle your debt. In this way you avoid the amount being invoiced afterwards and additional administrative costs being charged.
  28. The person who has made the booking and the person accompanying him or her are jointly and severally liable for all loss and/or damage caused to TEB and/or any third party as a direct or indirect consequence of their stay, regardless of whether this was caused by acts or omissions of themselves or of third parties who are in the hotel through their actions, as well as for all damage caused by any property in their possession.
  29. In the event of improper use or failure to leave the room in good condition, additional (cleaning, airing, dressing) costs may be charged.
  30. All sold goods remain the full property of TEB until full payment of the invoice on which these goods are mentioned.
  31. When a review on the Internet, the written press, on TV, etc... provides information about the hotel/restaurant or its staff, the hotel always has a "right of reply". If the defence of the interests of TEB so requires, the identity of the guest, his behaviour and the circumstances of his stay and/or dispute may be disclosed. It is explicitly agreed that TEB does not need to obtain further consent from the guest.
  32. It is strictly forbidden for the guest to give individual tips (or any other kind of compensation) to the TEB staff in order to get free things, which normally would have to be paid through the hotel bill. Tips are in principle only given to the reception desk which in turn gives the whole of the tip to ALL TEB employees (chambermaids, waiters, kitchen chefs, managers).
  33. Responsibility for matters placed in custody is governed by Articles 1952 to 1954quater of the Belgian Civil Code. The customer is explicitly asked to use the safe in his roompossession.
  34. Pets are allowed in the rooms and lobby. They are prohibited in the areas where food is prepared or served. The lawn must not be used to allow pets to do their business. A fee of 50€ must be paid for each infringement detected.
  35. The car park is "as is" made available to guests. TEB is not responsible for possible accidents (e.g. trees falling over, branches blowing off, etc.). Guests must behave as if they were on public roads.
  36. The hotel/restaurant uses various electronic devices to ensure the safety of their guests and the property. In any case, every guest agrees to be monitored by cameras, among other things. In accordance with the relevant legislation, all images are automatically deleted after 31 days.
  37. If either a guest or the person accompanying him or her or who is in the hotel through his or her actions, or a visitor, accidentally appears on a photo and/or video taken for the purpose of illustration in a TEB publication and/or for display on the website of Top Experiences Belgium BV, his consent to the use of the photo and/or video in the publication and/or on the website is presumed, even if he or she is recognisable on the photo and/or video.
  38. All rooms and all public areas are absolutely non-smoking. It is therefore absolutely forbidden to smoke in the rooms, bathrooms and private or public toilets. Setting off the fire alarm unjustifiably leads immediately and without recourse to a fine of EUR 250. If it is found that - contrary to all hotel rules - smoking was still taking place, an additional cleaning fee of 150 EUR will be charged.
  39. If different interpretations would be possible due to the translations of these general terms and conditions of sale, the Dutch version shall remain the only correct one.
  40. If a guest has a bathtub, washbasin, etc. overflowed, TEB will always be able to pass on the damage caused to the guest, without further recourse by the guest, immediately after the fact has been established, at a minimum cost of EUR 500. After drawing up the damage estimate, the additional cost of the damage can also be passed on.
  41. The guest expressly authorises TEB to immediately and irrevocably debit all damages, reservation fees, cancellation fees, etc. described in these terms of sale to the credit card(s) specified by the guest at the time of reservation and/or check-in. No further signature by the Guest is required for this.
  42. Guests must respect the opening hours of the restaurant (12-15h 30, 19-22h 30). If the guest does not arrive at the table on time, the management may decide to cancel one or more of the foreseen number of courses in order to guarantee the normal working hours of its staff. TEB does not have to pay for this and the customer has to pay the reserved menus in full. If the guest ensures that the normal end times cannot be respected, an additional fee of 50 EUR per started extra hour and per employee (kitchen and room staff) has to be paid. 

These are the "General Terms and Conditions of Sale" of Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****.

(°) See
https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voorrecht_van_de_hotelhouder (°°) See https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hotelbewaargeving

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