Top locations in Flanders for tourists

We have put together a first list and map of some 170 top locations in the Flemish and French Flanders region especially for our hotel guests. Through the map you immediately know what we as host and hostess recommend our hotel guests to visit, experience, photograph, etc. . We cover an area up to about 1 hour by car from our hotel (maximum 90 km in bird's-eye view from the hotel). The area runs from the Opal Coast (Le Touquet, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Calais) to the art cities of Bruges and Ghent. In the north the area is delimited by the North Sea and in the south it runs up to the Canadian war memorial of Vimy and the Walloon city of Tournai (with its cathedral that has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site). Exceptional reference is also made to beautiful attractions just outside this area.

Tip: Don't forget to book your hotel room and/or restaurant reservation in Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** on time. You can do so immediately via this link. For more information about this card, you can always contact us via our contact form. If you wish, we can also make pic-nic baskets for your day trip. In the afternoon you will eat somewhere on the way, in the morning and in the evening at the hotel. Easy, isn't it ?

Tip: view a larger version of the map by clicking on the zoom-out symbol in the top right corner of the map.

The overview contains theme lists:
1) an initial list with 360-180° panoramic photos of the recommended places (more than 170!)
2) followed by theme sections listing: War & Peace, Buildings, viewpoints, special restaurants or cafes, etc. .
Each of these sections ("layers" in the map) can be switched on or off according to your interests.

The intention is to have at least one panoramic photo for every suggestion we make in the long run. Then you, as a hotel guest, can make a good estimation of what you can expect. Already there are about 40 spherical panoramic photos available, accounting for no less than 11 billion image points. 😉

For the sake of clarity: the intention is not to give a complete overview of the region. No, it's just a map showing the personal (and sometimes quirky) preferences and recommendations of Philippe & Kristine. There is so much more to discover in the region than what we show here. For hotel guests who only stay a few days with us, it's an easy guide to prepare their stay or, once they're on site, to organize their stay in a practical way.

Are there any other belfries in the region ? Yes! Are there other beautiful viewpoints ? No doubt. Are there any other beautiful English cemeteries ? Sure, there are hundreds of them. And we could keep going like this. But we guarantee that you won't have missed the most important, the most beautiful, etc. of the region when you're here with us. No more searching for hours in dozens of brochures, websites, etc. of all possible tourist services, authorities, etc. . By the way, did you know that there are at least 50 tourist services in this area, it's hard to start contacting them all, isn't it ? However, they will be happy to assist you if you want more information about any attraction, point of interest, .... They still know best of all their own sub-area(s).

Tip: Always check before you leave whether something is accessible / open. Maybe it's like a weekly closing day, annual leave... or it's not accessible due to some kind of calamity (flood, storm damage, virus...). Maybe the border is closed.

So: zoom in on the map or the lists on the left and discover the region. We've been discovering the region for more than 40 years. 😉

There's also something for the kids on the map. A nice digital do-it-yourself assignment: somewhere on the map you can find a picture of Monsieur Paashaas recovering from the coronavirus. Find him?

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