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Did you know that we are one of the few hotels (if not the only one?) that has a digital concierge where we keep track of all the really interesting tourist sites for our guests? Not that this list would be complete, far from it, but that is also not what our guests ask us. They ask US where WE have been and what WE found worthwhile. And that is what our guests find on www.top.vlaanderen. They find no-nonsense and to-the-point information with concrete, working links to some 200 locations, 1,300 HDR/HR photos and 180+ 3D photos and this for Flanders, from Le Touquet on the Opal Coast to Breskens in Zeeland. After all, the modern tourist is mobile!

That too is giving service and being hospitable!

"Honey-Honey" Arrangement

Our first theme of the year, the "Purple Mountain", which was built around the unique wild forest hyacinths of the Kemmelberg, is now definitely over. A few hundred people have been able to enjoy this arrangement. Time now for our second theme of the year, namely "Honey-Honey". The first "Honey" means "Beloved", the second "Honey".

There is a lot of talk about the so-called "short chain", but with this bee-honey arrangement, we are playing very close to the ball: we are using our own Mont Kemmel honey in some of our dishes. The honey used comes from the June and September harvests, harvested from our own hives here on the Kemmelberg. So we can rightly speak of an "ultra-short chain" 😉 😉 We have to be able to work with our own hives.

However, we also use a number of other honey types to make the experience broader, more complete. For example, lavender and acacia honey are also used in the package. The "Honey-Honey" menu can be enjoyed in 4 or 5 courses and is available from Thursday 2 June to Sunday 19 July 2022.

In our gastronomic package, not only is honey used, but other elements from bee culture as well: hexagonal shapes that refer to the honeycomb, ceramics in the shape of beehives, yellow/brown colour accents, and so on. The lighting in the public areas of the hotel and the car park also use bee-related shades. Unique!

This initiative is fully in line with our international eco-label "The Green Key". This means that you can pay your restaurant and hotel bill with your eco vouchers. A nice bonus, right?

Reservations can be made via info@montkemmel.be or 057 45 21 60 (from Wednesday to Saturday between 11h and 16h).

Paarseberg menu

From now on, Thursday 14 April 2022 (and until 28 May 2022), you can discover the "Paarseberg" menu daily (including Easter Sunday) at Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****.

Combine it with a visit to the wild forest hyacinths and/or a climb to the Belvédère Tower (Horizon 2025 project). Reservation via - info@montkemmel.be - +32 57 45 21 60 (Wednesday to Saturday, between 11h and 16h) - via our contact form.

Please note that there is also a nice Paarseberg package.

Fun fact: You can also pay with eco cheques here. This is because we have had the international eco-label "The Green Key" since 2015.

Fine cocktail from the Paarseberg package.
Fine cocktail from the Paarseberg package.
Fallow deer and wild forest hyacinths near Hostellerie Mont Kemmel on the Kemmelberg.
Fallow deer and wild forest hyacinths near Hostellerie Mont Kemmel on the Kemmelberg.

Race menu VIP package Ghent-Wevelgem

Koersmenu VIP package for the cycling classic Gent-Wevelgem on Sunday 27 March 2022.

Chief of service is Sven Blommaert.

Refined mouth sensations
Tartare of Norwegian salmon with green apple and quinoa
Trio of Belgian asparagus with wasabi pearls
Shortly fried duck breast fillet with confit of seasonal vegetables,
crispy oven potatoes and a sauce based on Marsala
Pannacotta of blood orange, gels of sea buckthorn berry and crumble
**** Coffee, Tea & Mignardises
Custom wines and water

Dessert from the course menu of the VIP arrangement of the cycling classic Gent-Wevelgem

Not yet registered? Contact us on 057 45 21 60 (Wednesday till Saturday between 11h and 16h) or info@montkemmel.be , there are still some places left. Apply now!

Several large screens are set up and lunch is served to the rhythm of the race: you can admire the riders live at the entrances of our domain as the race passes by.

Holidays with eco cheques!

Workers in Belgium can receive up to EUR 250 in eco-cheques per year from their employer. They are valid for a maximum of 2 years. Since what you do with it is very limited, some people don't know what to do with their eco-cheques. And, uh, you can't keep buying energy-saving light bulbs with your eco-cheques, can you?

Good news! Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** has had the international eco-label since 2015.The Green Key". We are therefore authorised to accept ecocheques in the hotel and restaurant. We do not charge any extra when you pay your restaurant and/or hotel bill with (not expired Belgian) ecocheques. And this without any limit. If that is not good news!

So don't hesitate and book your table in our restaurant and/or stay in our cosy panoramic hotel now!

Hostellerie Mont Kemmel  **** will accept Monizze eco vouchers from summer 2020.
Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** accepts, among others, Monizze eco-vouchers.

We accept:

  • the paper and electronic versions of Sodexo ecocheques
  • the paper and electronic versions of EdenRed ecocheques
  • the electronic version of the Monizze ecocheque
Hostellerie Mont Kemmel  **** accepts both Edenred, Sodexo and Monizze eco-vouchers. You can use them to pay for your holidays!
The Hostellerie Mont Kemmel  **** has had the international eco-label "The Green Key" since 2015.

To be clear: you can both your restaurant and hotel bill pay in full or in part with the above ecocheques. Isn't that a nice bonus?

Ypres Belfry and Cat Fair 2022

The Ypres Belfry, along with several other Flemish Belfries in Belgium and France, has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This belfry was thoroughly restored during the past year. From now on you can visit the Belfry every Sunday. Tickets are available here: https://opstapinieper.be/bezoek-het-belfort/ . Until 20 March 2022 the 'Kattenfoor 2022' will also take place at the foot of this Belfry, on the Grote Markt in Ypres. Ambiance guaranteed!

Do not forget to book your visit to our restaurant at the top of the Kemmelberg or one or more nights in our hotel in time.

VIP Package Gent-Wevelgem 2022

On the top of the Kemmelberg you can on Sunday 27 March 2022 with the VIP package of Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** fully enjoy the spectacle of Gent-Wevelgem 2022. There are several large screens set up at our place so you can follow the race completely and perfectly. At the moment the race(s) pass(es) in front of our door, the lunch will be briefly interrupted so that you can watch the riders live!

Among other things, you can also find various recording places of Sporza (VRT): the passage on the Kemmelberg is always broadcasted live. And, another fact: one of the participating teams is again staying at our hotel this year. 😉

More information about our VIP package (including lunch, drinks and parking) can be obtained via info@montkemmel.be or 057 45 21 60 (Wednesday - Saturday, 11h-16h). Or, even easier, use our contact form.

Here you can find the official programme of Gent-Wevelgem 2022.

Hostellerie Mont Kemmel  **** organizes a VIP package for Gent-Wevelgem 2022.
Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** organizes a VIP package for Gent-Wevelgem 2022.

Book now our unique "Paarseberg" package!

From now on there is also our original Paarseberg package: every year again, say from mid-April to mid-May, flourish massive the Wild wood hyacinths on the Kemmelberg. No, you don't have to go to the Hallerbos for that: they grow right here in the woodland garden of our Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****! We have put together a special package for you around this theme: by analogy with the Red Mountain, the Black Mountain and so on, we call it the "Haller's Garden".Paarseberg".

Between mid-April and mid-May 2022, you can find us original wood hyacinth arrangement books:

- length of stay: 2 nights
- room type: ECO, standard or VIP room with jacuzzi & rain shower
- the hotel is entirely decorated in the theme of the purple-blue forest hyacinth (giant photo, Philips Hue lighting, flowers, video...)

- themed welcome cocktail for you and your loved one upon arrival
- you can walk to the forest hyacinths on the Kemmelberg (and/or Rodeberg)
Tip: you can combine this with a visit to the Commandobunker and/or Belvédère tower and/or art installation "Les Ancêtres" and/or Wine Estate De Monteberg.
- first evening: gastronomic 4-course menu
- second evening: gastronomic 5-course menu with blue-purple theme
- 2 x breakfast buffet
- free use of parking, internet & luxury package (bathrobes & slippers)
- access to our special website www.top.vlaanderen (360° photos, attractions region)

This colourful forest hyacinth arrangement is ideal for romantic couples, families, photographers and nature lovers.

15 April - 16 May 2022
Book your Paarseberg package here:
1 night or 2 nights (recommended)

Atmospheric images of the unique wood hyacinth arrangement of Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****

Annual leave - New concept

The month of January every year means a holiday for Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****: hotel, bar and restaurant are closed. The only exception we make are arrangements for groups. However, we never rest in the month of January; more than that, it is usually a month of intense activity. Projects that could not be carried out during the year are then undertaken.

This year, it is the turn of our (historic) salon. There will be a totally new concept here, but the authentic elements (such as the parquet floor and the fireplace) will be retained. We will soon announce more news about this. Stay tuned.

A preview of the breathtaking view from the renovated salon (Work in Progress)...

Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** is currently developing a new concept in its historic salon.