Kemmelberg meteo data now also via Wunderground

Since yesterday, all data from the meteo station of Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****, which is situated at the top of West Flanders' hill (the Kemmelberg), is now also being transmitted to the global Meteo network of Wunderground.

Wunderground is a commercial initiative of The Weather Company, which in turn is part of the computer giant IBM. This website shows, among other things, the data of no less than 250,000 Personal Weather Stations (PWS). Impressive, certainly.

Anyone can now also consult the meteorological situation at the top of Mount Kemmel via this link: .

Further information about our weather station can be found on our website.

Green Key 2022

Last week, the jury that awards the international eco-label "Green Key" in Flanders met. During this meeting, they discussed all new candidates and the control visits of the past year. Our hotel/restaurant Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** also received a visit from an inspection inspector in recent weeks.

We are therefore pleased to announce that we will also be allowed to carry the "Green Key" label in 2022. The official "Green Key" presentation will take place on Monday 31 January 2022 at Technopolis in Mechelen.

For our hotel and restaurant guests, this means that in 2022 we will continue to accept Belgian ecocheques as a method of payment. We accept both the electronic and paper versions from Sodexo and Monizze.

Kemmelberg easily accessible again!

Yes, the works are over and we are again easily accessible from Kemmel-village. Additional public parking spaces have been created at the command centre (the bunker): there are now 24 in total (including 3 for disabled people). Next to this parking lot there is also one at the Lork with about ten parking spaces. At the top of the Kemmelberg there are also 2 public disabled parking spaces at the French memorial "De Engel". For the sake of completeness: Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** also has a private car park, good for about 40 cars.

Temporary diversion of Kemmelberg

When you come from Kemmel market (the "Dries") and you want to go up the Kemmelberg to reach our hotel/restaurant, you have to take the small street right next to the former pub "Het Gapertje" and right in front of the church. This will lead you to a crossroads where you can go up the Kemmelberg by turning left. Or, very simply: follow the conspicuous red arrows.

For the people who want to go up the Kemmelberg from Loker... nothing changes. Except maybe the placard that only local traffic is allowed to pass. But of course you are local if you come to our hotel or restaurant.

The works would only last until mid-November 2021, so that is not so bad. In exchange for your and our patience, we get a beautiful parking lot and a redesigned intersection at the bottom of the Kemmelberg.

So the positive news is that both Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** and the Belvédère "In the Golden Years" will remain accessible at all times. Be well!

Poppy time in Heuvelland!

You see them here and there, usually never alone: the fragile poppy. The period June-July is poppy time. They form a beautiful sight together with the rolling hills of Heuvelland (near Ypres). Here is one of the pictures taken in the municipality of De Klijte. Wouldn't you like to walk and cycle in such surroundings? If you come to stay with us, we will gladly reserve a bicycle for you (electric, normal or mountain bike). Please use our contact form.

Poem written by the Canadian officer-surgeon John McCrae about the poppies in Flanders Fields.

You will find more beautiful pictures of poppies at

Renewed terrace

Year in, year out, maintenance work and renovations take place in a four-star panoramic hotel like Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****. In the past few months, our terraces, among others, have been on the renovation list. The terrace on the restaurant side is almost completely finished. The rest will be finished in the coming weeks. Here are some photos of the atmosphere...

Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** : icon of the Belgian hotel and catering industry

Today an article appeared in the national edition of "Het Laatste Nieuws" about the hotel / restaurant Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****. It is the third article in the series of Belgian hotel and catering icons, or as they write: ".The indestructible archetypal classics of the Belgian hospitality industry.“. We couldn't say, euh, write it better ourselves.

For the readers of the digital newspaper "Het Laatste Nieuws": see There was also a regular article online. For all others, we have placed a scan below.

The title would have been even better: "Still SOME LOCAL elderly people don't dare to come in here". Mediators and senior citizens from all over Flanders and beyond have made up a large part of our audience for years. 😉

Thanks to "Latest News" to devote virtually 2 pages to us. 😉

Additional COVID protection: CO² meters

We are always abiding by all coronation measures imposed by the government. We are already preparing for the reopening of the restaurant (the government's so-called "indoor plan"). We are also installing several CO² meters.

Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** has already installed a first CE-approved and professionalCO2 meter in the restaurant. Everyone can follow the C02 concentration and thus whether or not there is sufficient ventilation. If the concentration is too high, the green indication changes to orange or even red. A 7-day history is also kept and we can therefore easily demonstrate that we meet all the relevant standards.

In the coming weeks, CO2 meters will also be installed in all rooms (lounge, bar and the two seminar rooms). The safety of our guests is always our top priority!

Our original "Sleep & Dine" formula

We have been open again since yesterday evening. And oh my, we missed you. Sure we did 😉 😉

Until we can open the restaurant again, we have the "Sleep & Dine" formula. A gastronomical 3-course menu will be served at your place at room.

If you have a smaller ECO Valley room, then we even keep an analogue room free especially for you on the forest side where the beds have been removed and replaced by a table from our restaurant. Cool and professional at the same time. By working this way, we guarantee a safe and top service.

To bring the hot dishes at the right temperature to room , we use our authentic silver "cloches", a beautiful tradition revived at "Mont Kemmel".

The pictures below, taken last night, will convince you of our approach immediately. If you want to make a reservation, you can do this immediately via our reservation system . If you need assistance, call us during office hours on 057 45 21 60.