New Year's Eve party 2022 on Kemmel Mountain

The end of the eventful year 2022 is approaching. And we celebrate it on New Year's Eve with a beautiful and refined dinner party. You can book this New Year's Eve dinner with or without staying with us. The gourmet dinner will be served with exceptional tableware (including platinum Bernardaud plates) and silver cutlery from Christofle Paris (Spatours, a renowned series of cutlery that has existed since 1862). Of course, there will again be our special champagne countdown at 24h!

Email us at info@montkemmel.be and we will send you the possibilities. You can also phone us at +32 57 45 21 60 (Wednesday - Saturday, 10am-6pm). You can also use our contact form.

For a top, cozy mountain atmosphere, winter atmosphere, Christmas atmosphere you have to be with us on Flanders' highest "mountain"! The unique panorama comes with it.

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Christmas Package 2022

Yay, the end of the year is approaching again. Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** is once again getting fully into the winter and Christmas spirit. One of the coziest, most intimate mountain hotels in the country.
With panorama!

Everyone is welcome in our restaurant and/or hotel.

You want a package for Christmas Eve ? Check out the remaining options: https://reservations.cubilis. eu/279/Rooms/Select... . You can also book directly so you are still sure of your place!

Need assistance ? Email info@montkemmel.be or call 057 45 21 60 (Wednesday-Saturday between 10am and 6pm).


Christmas menu 2022

Available on Christmas Eve 24/12 and Christmas Day 25/12 at noon:

Christmas menu

Refined mouth sensations from the chef


Scallops / black pudding / jonagold / butternut


Consommé of forest mushrooms / dry sherry / fried foie gras


Filet pur of venison calf / structures of celeriac / ground chicory /
potato purées / cognac sauce "Hennessy XO"


Lavender cake with red fruit


Price for this refined menu: 80 EUR.
Excl. drinks. Wine package available in option.
Reservations via our online reservation system.
Assistance needed ? Email to info@montkemmel.be or phone 057 45 21 60 (Wednesday-Saturday between 10h and 18h).


Today starts our gourmet Game menu

In the gourmet restaurant at Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****, we invariably work with 2 menus. One is a themed menu. The past theme was Poperinge hops. More than 600 people came to enjoy this original beermenu! It included several special and totally different local beers. Our guests were also able to taste these beers.

We are in a colorful autumn, our photos attest to this. Now that hunting season is already in full swing, we are appropriately starting a game menu as well. Our Flemish chef Sven Blommaert placed not only pheasant, hare and duck breast on the menu, but also (h)honest wild salmon. It doesn't always have to be meat, does it? Of course forest mushrooms are not missing! Our chef also promoted the Belgian pear farmers with his "winter in your plate" dessert based on the conference pear.

Game menu 2022

Tataki of wild salmon / sesame / crumble of wasabi / cilantro cream
Consommé of chanterelles with confit of duck leg
Risotto with forest mushrooms / lacquered fillet of hare's back in Liège syrup
Pheasant / cream of chestnut / kale / potato purée / gravy of cèpes
Puffed pear / crumble of almonds / iced winter sabayon

It is always best to make a reservation if you wish to come and taste this menu. You can use our online reservation system of the restaurant of Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****.

Since some people apparently still think that our restaurant would only be open to hotel guests: nothing is less true, of course. The restaurant has always been open to the public since its creation in 1954. Hotel guest or not: you are welcome! But it is best to book in advance. If you do not do this directly through our website, please mail to info@montkemmel.be or phone 057 45 21 60 (Wednesday to Saturday between 10h and 18h).

This game menu will run until the end of the year.

Innovation project "Moods & Foods"

We have been introducing new concepts and technologies in our hostellerie for quite some time. The years 2021/2022 were and are entirely dedicated to the implementation of a sophisticated home automation system for our hotel and an ultra-modern equipped and totally renovated salon.

In this salon, where among other things our breakfasts are served, there is now also a multi-sensory experience table set up. Among other things, beautiful static and dynamic 4K images in high contrast are displayed there. On several other screens, information is given about tourist attractions in the region (cfr. our website www.top.vlaanderen ), facts about the hotel, attractions on and around the Kemmelberg, and so on. For the experience table itself, several additional themes are worked out (e.g. about the forest, autumn, the sea, the Earth, etc...).

In addition to the horizontally mounted screen, the table also contains other elements that stimulate the senses of our guests: scent diffuser, mist shaper, music boxes. At the top of the ceiling are ("invisible") two additional 4K projectors built in. These come down automatically and project additional images onto additional screens that can come down on either side of the room. The lights above this multi-sensory table follow the colors of the images being shown. The hall lighting also follows a particular theme. Here we use the Philips Hue lighting system which then follows the colors of, for example, the forest hyacinths of the Kemmelberg (green/blue), Poperinge hoppe (green-yellow shades), and so on. This color scheme is extended to the hotel parking lot and park.

Thus, this "Moods & Foods" project will be a total experience for the guest. Depending on the subject and the intended effects, one, several or all of the available appliances can be involved in the experience.

A lot of basic content has already been created over the past 2 years. In the coming months, more of it will be created for the salon of Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** as a multi-sensory experience space.

This experience table is already on its second version. First prototypes are conceived and made. These are then tested, the concept refined which finally leads to a new version. This version seats 8 people. The guests all sit around one and the same image. These images are chosen to have no "top and bottom": each table guest thus has the same perfect image although they all view it from a different angle. Think drone shots, macro nature shots, shots from the deep sea or the universe.

The concept and execution of the "Moods & Foods" project is under the direction of engineer Philippe Vercoutter, manager of Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****. The project is thus entirely managed and executed in-house. Philippe Vercoutter is both a computer science graduate and an electronics engineer (option computer techniques). He graduated with a thesis on digital image processing. All competencies that come in handy in this project.

An official inauguration moment will follow soon and more information will be given about this original project. This innovation project is done under the auspices of Westtoer. It is one of the 61 selected projects (for tourism players from the private sector) from the Tourism Impulse Program of the Province of West Flanders. More info regarding this program can be found here.

Restaurant Mont Kemmel **** takes a break from...

Message to our guests: our gastronomic restaurant will be closed during the Ardeca Ypres Rally Belgium. Our hotel is fully rented by the organization. From Wednesday 17 August to Sunday 21 August 2022, we can give our kitchen staff and our restaurant staff some extra time off!

You can book back as of Wednesday, August 24, 2022: https://montkemmel.com/boeking-restaurant-hostellerie-mont-kemmel/.

Terrace of the restaurant Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** .
The restaurant of Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** is going out of business for a while. Back on standby from 24/8/2022.

Positive feedback on Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** continues to flow in...

Guests continually rate re hotel where they resided. In addition to general, independent agencies such as TripAdvisor (true, casually stated, more than 85% of our guests rate their stay with us as "very good" or "excellent" 😉 ), the hotelier themselves also receive feedback / reviews directly through their internal reservation system. This is also the case with us: the positive feedback about Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** keeps flowing in.

Herewith a summary of these that Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** could already receive in July 2022. Unadulterated. 😉

Every day we read all the feedback from our guests. We address the points of attention and discuss them internally. In this way we systematically improve the stay, dinner, etc. or at least keep it at the same high level.

We are always happy when we can show our "school report" with all 8/10 and (usually even) 9/10. A big thank you to all our guests... and of course our staff who work hard every day to create a great experience for our guests.

And in the meantime, the positive feedback on Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** continues to pour in...

Online reservations for Resto Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****

It is almost 15 years that our guests can book rooms & packages in Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****. Now an extra possibility has been added: online reservation of tables in the resto of Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****. This can be for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This is done in a simple, fast, economical and safe way: directly through our system. Our restaurant, mentioned for decades in the culinary guides "Michelin"and "Gault & Millau", is thus expanding its services to its restaurant guests.

Reservations can now be made online for Resto Hostellerie Mont Kemmel  ****

Discover here our new reservation module for the restaurant of Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****.

You fill in the desired date & time as well as the requested data and your online reservation is immediately placed in our reservation system. We will then send you the final approval of your reservation by e-mail as soon as possible.

It may be worth mentioning again that if you are staying at the hotel anyway,it is better to book a package deal rather than the room, breakfast & lunches/dinners separately. There is always a discount on the normal rate. Take a look at our range of packages and book one of these cheap(r) packages. Guests who book an arrangement no longer have to reserve separate tables: this was always automatically provided for by us and nothing changes.

For more complex reservations (e.g. groups), contacting us in good time via the contact form the best way.

We are pleased to have made online booking possible for Resto Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****. It is easier for the guest and for the HMK team.

Top.Flanders : 200 interesting Flemish top locations

Did you know that we are one of the few hotels (if not the only one?) that has a digital concierge where we keep track of all the really interesting tourist sites for our guests? Not that this list would be complete, far from it, but that is also not what our guests ask us. They ask US where WE have been and what WE found worthwhile. And that is what our guests find on www.top.vlaanderen. Many guests usually don't have much time to really prepare their stay, to check many tourist websites and so on. Nevertheless, sometimes they want to have "done" something unique or have seen something beautiful while staying with us. Top.Flanders is just one of the means by which we help our guests in their search in an effective and efficient way.

Top.vlaanderen is, as it were, a digital information point. On top.vlaanderen they will find no-nonsense and to-the-point information with concrete, working links to some 200 interesting Flemish top locations, 1,400 HDR/HR photos and 180+ 3D photos and this for the whole of Flanders from Le Touquet on the Opal Coast to Breskens in Zeeland. After all, the modern tourist is mobile!

That too is giving service and being hospitable!

www.top.vlaanderen : no-nonsense and to-the-point information with concrete, working links to some 200 Flemish top locations, 1,400 HDR/HR photos and 180+ 3D photos and this for Flanders, from Le Touquet on the Opal Coast to Breskens in Zeeland.
Top.Flanders : 200 interesting Flemish top locations