"Honey-Honey" Arrangement 2023

Our first theme of the year, "Purple Mountain," which was built around the unique wild woodland hyacinths of Kemmel Mountain is now definitely over. Several hundred people were able to enjoy this arrangement. Time now for our second theme of the year namely "Honey-Honey". The first "Honey" refers to "Beloved", the second refers to "Honey" (or vice versa of course).

There is a lot of talk about the so-called "short chain", well with this bee-honey arrangement we do play very close to the ball: after all, we incorporate our own Mont Kemmel honey in some of our dishes. The honey used comes from the June and September 2022 harvests, harvested from our own hives here on our property at the top of Mount Kemmel. So we can rightly talk about an "ultra short chain"! 😉

The "Honey-Honey" menu can be served in either 4, 5 or 6 courses and is available from today and through Sunday, July 2, 2023.

In our gastronomic package, not only is honey used, but other elements from bee culture as well: hexagonal shapes that refer to the honeycomb, ceramics in the shape of beehives, yellow/brown colour accents, and so on. The lighting in the public areas of the hotel and the car park also use bee-related shades. Unique!

This initiative is fully in line with our international eco-label "The Green Key". This means that you can pay your restaurant and hotel bill with your eco vouchers. A nice bonus, right?

Reservations can be made via info@montkemmel.be or 057 45 21 60 (from Wednesday to Saturday between 11h and 16h).

New Purple Mountain menu 2023

From today, April 12 through May 14, 2023, you can taste our Purple Mountain menu. This varied menu focuses on the blue-purple-green colors. Unique.

Reservations can be made through our reservation system, by phone at 057 45 21 60 (Wednesday-Saturday between 11am and 4pm). You can also reach the reception at any time via our contact form.

Purple Mountain Menu 2023

Opening Domain "The Chalet"

Domain "The Chalet" used to be called "Domain Geelhand de Merxem". It was owned by noble family of the same name. At the end of last year, the West Flanders provincial government bought this along with other valuable pieces of forest, totaling some 30 hectares. Cost: 2.5 M€. The Province gives the chalet on a long lease to the municipality of Heuvelland, which in turn is looking for a partner who could then, for example, develop catering activities in it.

This new site of the Province of West Flanders is added to the Provincial Domain of Kemmelberg. It now covers a total of no less than 190 hectares.

Today you can go there from 1:30 p.m. to have a look. There is fringe animation.

More info and photos at top.vlaanderen: https://top.vlaanderen/park/domein-de-chalet-kemmel-belgie/ .

How are the forest hyacinths of Mount Kemmel looking now?

Condition of forest hyacinths 20230329 - widescreen

Since at this time of year we get one or more questions almost every day about the wild wood hyacinths on the Kemmelberg, we have created a special page. This is updated regularly. Follow this link to know the most current situation of the wild wood hy acinths on the Kemmelberg. The photos below show the situation as it was on March 29, 2023 and April 28, 2014.

If you would like an overview of beautiful photos (from past years) of what the carpet of wild wood hyacinths will eventually look like on the Kemmelberg (and around it), please visit our web site top.vlaanderen.

Book now our unique "Paarseberg" package!

Our original Purple Mountain package is here again. Every year again, say from mid-April to mid-May, flourish massive the Wild wood hyacinths on the Kemmelberg. No, you don't have to go to the Hallerbos for that: they grow right here in the woodland garden of our Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****! We have put together a special package for you around this theme: by analogy with the Red Mountain, the Black Mountain and so on, we call it the "Haller's Garden".Paarseberg".

Between mid-April to mid-May 2023, you can visit our original wood hyacinth arrangement books:

- length of stay: 2 nights
- room type: ECO, standard or VIP room with jacuzzi & rain shower
- the hotel is entirely decorated in the theme of the purple-blue forest hyacinth (giant photo, Philips Hue lighting, flowers, video...)

- upon arrival thematic welcome cocktail for You and Your beloved
- you can hike to the forest hyacinths on Kemmelberg (and/or Rodeberg)
Tip: possible to combine with visit Command bunker and/or Belvedere tower and/or art installation "Les Ancêtres" and/or Wine Estate De Monteberg.
- first evening: gourmet 4-course menu
- second evening: gourmet 5-course menu with blue-purple themed accents
– 2 x breakfast buffet
- free use of parking, internet & luxury package (bathrobes & slippers)
- Access to our special web site www.top.vlaanderen (360° photos, attractions region)

This colorful forest hyacinth package is ideal for romantic couples, families, photographers, hikers, cyclists and nature lovers.

April 10 - May 14, 2023
Book your Paarseberg package here:
1 night or 2 nights (recommended)

Need assistance ? Use us contact form.

Atmospheric images of the unique wood hyacinth arrangement of Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****

VIP package Gent-Wevelgem 2023

Ready for the Ghent-Wevelgem cycling classic on Sunday, March 26, 2023?

At the top of the Kemmelberg you can enjoy the spectacle in Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****. There are several large TV screens at our place so you can fully follow the race. At the moment that the race(s) are passing in front of our door, lunch will be interrupted so that you can enjoy everything! Everything to the rhythm of the race.

More info about our VIP package (140 EUR/per person: including lunch, drinks with the meal (wine arrangement, water), coffee/tea after the meal and parking for your car) via info@montkemmel.be or 057 45 21 60 (Wednesday-Saturday, 11h-16h). You can also use our contact form.

Flemish chef Sven Blommaert brings you the following menu:

Carpaccio of lightly smoked entrecôte of Holstein - gel of pickles -
caviar of mustard greens - herb tulip    
Risotto - fried scallops - cream of Jerusalem artichoke - espuma of mushrooms  
Grit fillet - North Sea crab potato - spring greens  
Structures of melon

Here are some pictures from past editions. Then you immediately have an idea what to expect. We don't have a tent with toy tables & chairs, but an authentic hostellerie. And for less than half the price of similar VIP packages.

Picnics on and around "den berg"....

By "den berg" we mean of course the Kemmelberg, the highest mountain, er hill, in Flanders. A picnic party is a fun outdoor activity: together with family, friends, ... you choose a nice spot (preferably flat so that you can spread a sheet on it) and organize a nice meal. A panoramic view is clearly an asset.

Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** already organized several picnics. Did you know that this is already possible in the immediate vicinity of our hotel? Here are some impressions of such places.

Tip 1: You can find a list of picnic places in Heuvelland on the web site of the Tourist Office of Heuvelland.
Tip 2: Want to find a nice viewpoint in the Flemish region? Then check out our map on top.vlaanderen. Zoom in on this map and select the green viewpoints. Here you make real discoveries for a nice day destination.

Picnic at the foot of Mount Kemmel:

The closest picnic spot is this one at the foot of Mount Kemmel.
At sunrise you already have a particularly beautiful view there.

Picnic in the Provincial Domain "The Kemmelberg":

Picnic in Hill Country - outing by golf cart:

There are once again hop shoots at Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** ...

Good news for connoisseurs: as of Friday evening, February 10, 2023, the annual hop shoots are here again! This makes Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** one of the first restaurants to offer them to its guests.

The photo shows one of the dishes with hop shoots that we used to present in our restaurant. Starting Friday, there will again be the classic preparation with a soft-boiled egg, with or without caviar. 😉

According to some sources, his hop shoots the most expensive vegetables on this planet. This is because it involves a lot of manual labor. Very expensive, but - according to experts - oh-so-tasty. 😉

Top preparations start with top products. It's that simple.

Doves from Steenvoorde ...

Top preparations start with top products. It's that simple.

We also work with regional products as much as possible. One condition, however, is that the quality must be really top notch. For the pigeon preparations in our gastronomic restaurant, currently in our Valentine's menu for example, we work together with "Pigeonneau des Flandres", say Maison Dequidt from Steenvoorde in French Flanders ( Flandre Pigeonneau ).

These northern French pigeons are prepared in a special way for the chef and are juicier than what is normally available at the market.

The choice is then quickly made. "Foodies know why, then," he says. 😉

A breakfast buffet in a room to say "U" to....

Every day, Antoinette and hostess Kristine are ready to serve you and your party a sumptuous breakfast with quality products (including smoked salmon, cava, ...).

By the way, did you know that they do this annually for more than 5,000 guests? So they know their way around! Even with such monster numbers, everything always remains calm and convivial, which is what you expect from a breakfast. 😉

And that with a very beautiful and unique view of the Franco-Flemish plain. Our fireplace is also a plus. When the weather is nice, we also serve on the panoramic terrace! On a number of large frames, say Tv's, the breakfast guests also get to see the most beautiful pictures of Flanders ( forwarded via our website www.top.vlaanderen ).

Breakfast is served between 8h and 10h 30 in the totally renovated lounge of Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** .

Non-hotel guests also make regular reservations with us. Just book via our website. Larger groups can have a separate room if desired.

Need assistance or special requests (such as an earlier starting time for your group) ? Mail to info@montkemmel.be or call +32 57 45 21 60 (preferably between Wednesday and Saturday and between 11am and 4pm).

Tip 1: You can also donate our breakfast buffet to Your friends or family. Contact us for this.

Tip 2: Know that you can also pay your breakfast with ecocheques with us (since we have the international eco-label "The Green Key"). Nice touch, right?

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