Poppy time in Heuvelland!

You see them here and there, usually never alone: the fragile poppy. The period June-July is poppy time. They form a beautiful sight together with the rolling hills of Heuvelland (near Ypres). Here is one of the pictures taken in the municipality of De Klijte. Wouldn't you like to walk and cycle in such surroundings? If you come to stay with us, we will gladly reserve a bicycle for you (electric, normal or mountain bike). Please use our contact form.

Poem written by the Canadian officer-surgeon John McCrae about the poppies in Flanders Fields.

You will find more beautiful pictures of poppies at www.top.vlaanderen.

Renewed terrace

Year in, year out, maintenance work and renovations take place in a four-star panoramic hotel like Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****. In the past few months, our terraces, among others, have been on the renovation list. The terrace on the restaurant side is almost completely finished. The rest will be finished in the coming weeks. Here are some photos of the atmosphere...

Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** : icon of the Belgian hotel and catering industry

Today an article appeared in the national edition of "Het Laatste Nieuws" about the hotel / restaurant Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****. It is the third article in the series of Belgian hotel and catering icons, or as they write: ".The indestructible archetypal classics of the Belgian hospitality industry.“. We couldn't say, euh, write it better ourselves.

For the readers of the digital newspaper "Het Laatste Nieuws": see https://krant.hln.be/.../7866/publications/30833/pages/6. There was also a regular article online. For all others, we have placed a scan below.

The title would have been even better: "Still SOME LOCAL elderly people don't dare to come in here". Mediators and senior citizens from all over Flanders and beyond have made up a large part of our audience for years. 😉

Thanks to "Latest News" to devote virtually 2 pages to us. 😉

Additional COVID protection: CO² meters

We are always abiding by all coronation measures imposed by the government. We are already preparing for the reopening of the restaurant (the government's so-called "indoor plan"). We are also installing several CO² meters.

Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** has already installed a first CE-approved and professionalCO2 meter in the restaurant. Everyone can follow the C02 concentration and thus whether or not there is sufficient ventilation. If the concentration is too high, the green indication changes to orange or even red. A 7-day history is also kept and we can therefore easily demonstrate that we meet all the relevant standards.

In the coming weeks, CO2 meters will also be installed in all rooms (lounge, bar and the two seminar rooms). The safety of our guests is always our top priority!

Our original "Sleep & Dine" formula

We have been open again since yesterday evening. And oh my, we missed you. Sure we did 😉 😉

Until we can open the restaurant again, we have the "Sleep & Dine" formula. A gastronomical 3-course menu will be served at your place at room.

If you have a smaller ECO Valley room, then we even keep an analogue room free especially for you on the forest side where the beds have been removed and replaced by a table from our restaurant. Cool and professional at the same time. By working this way, we guarantee a safe and top service.

To bring the hot dishes at the right temperature to room , we use our authentic silver "cloches", a beautiful tradition revived at "Mont Kemmel".

The pictures below, taken last night, will convince you of our approach immediately. If you want to make a reservation, you can do this immediately via our reservation system . If you need assistance, call us during office hours on 057 45 21 60.

Hotel reopened from 21 May 2021!

Welcome back! We've missed you guys 😉 😉

The ball is, hopefully now definitively (? 😉 ), in the church! Based on the communication that the Belgian Security Council made on Friday 23 April 2021, we know that, if all other parameters remain the same, the terraces may reopen from Saturday 8 May 2021 onwards (the so-called "indoor plan" comes into effect). As our restaurant is very important for the total experience of our hotel guests, we have decided to reopen the hotel only from Friday 21 May 2021 (previously the date of 1 May 2021 was proposed to reopen the hotel, but given the sanitary situation, this plan was subsequently abandoned).

We have worked out a nice solution for our dear guests in terms of catering. Please note that it will not yet be possible to have dinner or lunch inside the restaurant (as this is still prohibited by the Belgian government). However, we provide for our hotel guests various options to eat:

  1. if the weather is nice (no rain, not too much wind, pleasant temperatures) then a 3-course menuis servedevery evening on the terrace
  2. If the weather is bad, our hotel guests can have their 3-course menu served at their room (or in a separate room exclusively reserved for them room).

Would you like to book a room or package, you can do this again from now on. Check out our booking possibilities. As we expect that the demand will exceed the offer, we advise you not to hesitate and book right away.

Book now our unique "Paarseberg" package!

From now on there is also our original Paarseberg arrangement: every year, say from mid-April to mid-May, the wild wood hyacinths bloom massively on the Kemmelberg. No, you don't have to go to the Hallerbos to see them: they grow right here in the garden of our Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****! ! We have put together a special package for you around this theme: by analogy with the Rodeberg, the Zwarteberg and so on, we call it the "Purple Mountain“.

In the first 2 weeks, a total of 3 weekends, of May 2021 you can visit our original woodland hyacinth arrangement booking:

- length of stay: 2 nights
- room type: ECO, standard or VIP room with jacuzzi & rain shower
- the hotel is entirely decorated in the theme of the purple-blue forest hyacinth (giant photo, Philips Hue lighting, flowers, video...)

- themed welcome cocktail for you and your loved one upon arrival
- you can walk to the forest hyacinths on the Kemmelberg (and/or Rodeberg)
Tip: you can combine this with a visit to the Commandobunker and/or Belvédère tower and/or art installation "Les Ancêtres" and/or Wine Estate De Monteberg.
- first evening: gastronomic 4-course menu
- second evening: gastronomic 5-course menu with blue-purple theme
- 2 x breakfast buffet
- free use of parking, internet & luxury package (bathrobes & slippers)
- access to our special website www.top.vlaanderen (360° photos, attractions region)

This colourful forest hyacinth arrangement is ideal for romantic couples, families, photographers and nature lovers.

30 April - 16 May 2021
Book your Paarseberg package here:
1 night or 2 nights (recommended)

Atmospheric images of the unique wood hyacinth arrangement of Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****

Hotel reopened on 30 April 2021

The time has finally come! Based on the communication made by the Belgian Security Council on Friday, March 5, 2021, we know that, all other parameters being equal, the restaurants can reopen as from Saturday, May 1, 2021. As our restaurant is very important for the total experience of our hotel guests, we have decided to reopen the hotel as well from Friday 30 April 2021. On Friday evening the restaurant will still be closed, but on May 1st a breakfast buffet will be provided.

Would you like to book a room or package, you can do this again from now on. Check out our booking possibilities. As we expect that the demand will exceed the offer, we advise you not to hesitate and book right away.

Restaurant reopened from 1 May 2021

Since this morning it is again possible to make reservations for the restaurant of Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** on the Kemmelberg. You can come and have lunch/dinner from Saturday afternoon the 1st of May 2021. You don't have to have a reservation room : also non hotel guests are always welcome in the restaurant.

We base this on the announcement that the government made on Friday 5 March 2021. In principle, if all parameters remain the same plus/minus, the catering sector will reopen on 1 May 2021. The exact modalities will be communicated later.

How to make a reservation ?

1) either by telephone (during office hours 9-17h): 057 45 21 60
2) or by using our online reservation form.
We prefer the second method of reservation.

You will ALWAYS receive a confirmation from us. If you do not receive this, do NOT assume that you have made a reservation. If, in very exceptional cases, you have not heard from us, please contact us again. Do not assume anything. 😉

From the restaurant of Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** you have a very nice view on the Franco-Flemish plain.

Please note that Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE strictly follow all measures to combat the COVID 19 virus. If you do not agree, we do not recommend to make a reservation. There are plenty of people who will accept to follow the rules. Leave your place to them. We do not accept discussions on the spot. People come to enjoy and we respect that, and so do you. 😉

See you soon! Happy to share. 😉
Kristine, Philippe & the Mont Kemmel **** team.

With nice and wind-free weather, tables are also set up on the terraces with a view of French Flanders.

Screensaver fireplace Mont Kemmel ****

It's ready: the beautifulscreensaver of the fireplace of Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****. It takes about 7,5 hours and you should put it on your TV as background. Don't turn up the sound too loud and you will immediately be in the mood, atmosphere, ambiance of the "Mont Kemmel ****". You can say it's a place at a cosy and unique fireplace. A glass of wine, a crackling fire, candles, a blanket, ... let it all hang out, romance at its best!

Cover of the screensaver of the fireplace of Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****.

This relaxing screensaver contains both global views of the stone fireplace of Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** and special close-ups. Scroll through the video and find the parts you like the most. There is certainly something for everyone.

Here is the link to the YouTube video in full HD format (1.920 x 1.080 pixels): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9au6rgiGGg.

In the coming months Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** will distribute a number of other digital products. Our guests will be able to extend and relive their stay digitally with these beautiful recordings.

Last year Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** launched its new website. www.top.vlaanderen . This is a kind of digital concierge for the hotel guests: it keeps an inventory of the most beautiful locations of French, Western and Zeeland Flanders and contains, among others, dozens of unique high-resolution 360° panoramic images of the region. The guests can use this website to prepare their stay at Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****. After their stay, they can enjoy the hundreds of images and information as a unique souvenir of their stay in the region. Consider it as an extra professional service towards the hotel guests. It is unique!