Innovation project "Moods & Foods"

We have been introducing new concepts and technologies in our hostellerie for quite some time. The years 2021/2022 were and are entirely dedicated to the implementation of a sophisticated home automation system for our hotel and an ultra-modern equipped and totally renovated salon.

In this salon, where among other things our breakfasts are served, there is now also a multi-sensory experience table set up. Among other things, beautiful static and dynamic 4K images in high contrast are displayed there. On several other screens, information is given about tourist attractions in the region (cfr. our website www.top.vlaanderen ), facts about the hotel, attractions on and around the Kemmelberg, and so on. For the experience table itself, several additional themes are worked out (e.g. about the forest, autumn, the sea, the Earth, etc...).

In addition to the horizontally mounted screen, the table also contains other elements that stimulate the senses of our guests: scent diffuser, mist shaper, music boxes. At the top of the ceiling are ("invisible") two additional 4K projectors built in. These come down automatically and project additional images onto additional screens that can come down on either side of the room. The lights above this multi-sensory table follow the colors of the images being shown. The hall lighting also follows a particular theme. Here we use the Philips Hue lighting system which then follows the colors of, for example, the forest hyacinths of the Kemmelberg (green/blue), Poperinge hoppe (green-yellow shades), and so on. This color scheme is extended to the hotel parking lot and park.

Thus, this "Moods & Foods" project will be a total experience for the guest. Depending on the subject and the intended effects, one, several or all of the available appliances can be involved in the experience.

A lot of basic content has already been created over the past 2 years. In the coming months, more of it will be created for the salon of Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** as a multi-sensory experience space.

This experience table is already on its second version. First prototypes are conceived and made. These are then tested, the concept refined which finally leads to a new version. This version seats 8 people. The guests all sit around one and the same image. These images are chosen to have no "top and bottom": each table guest thus has the same perfect image although they all view it from a different angle. Think drone shots, macro nature shots, shots from the deep sea or the universe.

The concept and execution of the "Moods & Foods" project is under the direction of engineer Philippe Vercoutter, manager of Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****. The project is thus entirely managed and executed in-house. Philippe Vercoutter is both a computer science graduate and an electronics engineer (option computer techniques). He graduated with a thesis on digital image processing. All competencies that come in handy in this project.

An official inauguration moment will follow soon and more information will be given about this original project. This innovation project is done under the auspices of Westtoer. It is one of the 61 selected projects (for tourism players from the private sector) from the Tourism Impulse Program of the Province of West Flanders. More info regarding this program can be found here.

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