COVID-19 Measures

The safety of our guests, our employees, our suppliers and other stakeholders is of the utmost importance. We are extremely cautious about this, which is why we will only start one month after the permitted reopening date (8 June 2020) (i.e. on 3 July 2020). This has given us the extra time and space to prepare everything in a very good way. Here is a list of measures we have taken to combat the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Read also here about the additional measures which, as from 25/7/2020 ... enter into force.

Although the Heuvelland and Ypres region has relatively few corona infections, we must remain very vigilant. Everyone, i.e. you as our guest, our staff, etc. must realise that we must work together to create a safe environment. We list below a number of rules that we all abide by together, without discussion and in the public interest.

Coronavirus COVID-19
Coronavirus COVID-19

What do we expect from you as our guest?

Below we give a list of things we expect from you as an organisation as a guest:

  • a dose of healthy common sense: don't do anything that will endanger your own health, the health of our employees or other guests.
  • a dose of civic responsibility: you must follow all legislation and regulations at all times and everywhere
  • we remind our guests that if you already have COVID-19 symptoms (or someone else in your bubble) before travelling to us, you should stay at home.
  • a dose of toleranceWe will do everything we can to make your stay as pleasant and pleasant as possible. To this end, we have taken a number of extra measures:
    1. During your stay you will room not be cleaned / polished. In this way, any possible contamination of your equipment (clothing, personal belongings, etc.) is avoided. We also protect our staff from any possible contamination.
    2. Upon your arrival, your temperature will be recorded using a digital thermometer. After all, it is always possible for you to take your temperature without knowing it yourself. This may be an indication that you may be infected.

  • Follow all instructions given on the posters at the entrance, stickers on the floor, ... or additional instructions given by the hotel staff.
  • At the entrance of the hotel, in the lobby, is a disinfection post. We ask for all hotel and restaurant guests to Each time one enters the building, the hands must be disinfected for at least 30 seconds.. Such poles have also been erected in a number of other places in the hotel (on the first floor by the stairs, on the terraces at the entrance of the bar).
    Decontamination post.
  • Obligation to report during your stay: According to national legislation, if you start to show symptoms during your stay, you must inform the hotel management as soon as possible. If necessary, you must stay at the room hotel and we will inform a doctor of your choice. He or she will then decide what to do next.
  • Notification obligation after the stay: if you show COVID-19 symptoms within 2 weeks after the stay, you must also inform the hotel management immediately.

TipIf you, as a guest, see things that could be improved, give immediate feedback to the management. Together we provide a safe environment!

What can you expect from us as a guest?

  • Management keeps itself well informed of the current state of affairs regarding the spread of the coronavirus.
  • Management and staff are well trained in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. This is done by following webinars, organizing in-house information sessions, forwarding articles on the internet, etcetera.
  • Management states all possible means at the disposal of guests and staff to protect themselves properly (thermometers, alcohol gel, paper, closed dustbins, clothing for employees, etc.) to create a safe environment.

  • All our employees and management strictly abide by all relevant regulations. These laws and regulations have been published in the Belgian Official Gazette, the websites of the FPS Economy, Hospitality Flanders and Westtoer.
  • All tables in the restaurant, the terraces and the lounge are arranged in such a way that there are at least 1.5 metres can be guaranteed among guests (and not just between the tables as is often the case).
  • The management is easily accessible to receive additional tips (from guests and staff) and instructions (from the police, authorities, ...).
  • The management keeps all stakeholders (guests, employees, suppliers, etc.) well informed of all this. This is done via the various facebook pages, the official website of Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** www.montkemmel.com and/or possibly posters in the public areas of the hotel/restaurant.
  • Every guest will receive a link to this page when confirming their reservation ( https://montkemmel.com/covid-19-maatregelen/ ). This way every guest knows exactly what is expected of him or her as well as what he or she can expect from Hostellerie Mont Kemmel ****.

Last update of this page: 29 June 2020 .

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