Environmental Policy Statement (Ecolabel Green Key)

Hostellerie Mont Kemmel **** (abbreviated as HMK) makes every effort to minimise its ecological footprint and to carry out the activities carried out as sustainably as possible. It communicates with its guests and other stakeholders in such a way that everyone is aware of the environmental policy being pursued and can contribute to these environmental objectives. HMK fully subscribes to all objectives, procedures, etc. as laid down in the Green Key. For example, HMK monitors, prevents and limits all waste flows, water consumption and energy consumption (of both the hotel and the restaurant).

Both the management and all employees of HMK take on the task of controlling the environmental burden and limiting the environmental risks. Care for the environment is a structural part of the company objectives. All employees perform their tasks in accordance with the established procedures and the company's policy.

HMK complies with the Flemish environmental laws and regulations, but also wants to go a step further. Our company registers water and energy consumption in order to continuously improve both the infrastructure and the policy on the basis of these data and to make them more economical. We are committed to minimize waste and limit the impact on air, water and soil as a result of our business operations by means of an effective environmental care system. We train our employees to take care of the environment.

In order to apply our policy consistently and throughout the organisation, HMK has decided to implement the required measures within the framework of "The Green Key".

Hostellerie Mont Kemmel  **** has had the international eco-label "The Green Key" since 2015.